This is how Juul works, the so-called iPhone of the vapers

It happened with the DVD at the time, with the MP3 players and with the Smart TV Box. The arrival of a new category of products on the market translates into a wide range of devices with various functions and options when it comes to fulfilling what they have been designed for.

The case of the vaper is no different. If we take a look at the market, we will find a wide variety of products, ranging from compact and simple liquid-based models to those equipped with tobacco cartridges. Products that allow you to completely control the intensity of the vaping and the amount of smoke generated. In the case of models that work directly with cartridges, this approach saves problems when assembling the vaper and having our favorite flavor.

Precisely within this last segment of the market we find Juul, a product that works with tobacco cartridges and that, for many users, is the best vaper of the moment . Let us know if this title is something more advertising than real with this detailed analysis of the device.

What is Juul?

As we have said, Juul is a vaper that is in the category of electric resistance vapers. This resistance is responsible for heating the contents of the cartridges with which the device is loaded, thus generating the sensations of smoking with remarkable fidelity to this general process.

Thus, at first glance, it does not seem very different in what it refers to with regard to what other models offer us. But the truth is that the technology offered by this model does break this trend, starting with its appearance. At first glance, this product could go smoothly through a USB stick or a small pendrive, in a stylized and elegant image that breaks the rough design of other electronic cigarettes and vapers. An aspect that has a considerable advantage both when taking the product and when handling it, giving greater comfort during the smoking process.

An advantage that can also be seen in the measurements and the weight of the product, which makes it easy to take the device anywhere. Specifically, the device has a length of 9 centimeters, 1.5 wide and only 5 millimeters high, so it is not an object that attracts attention because of its size. If you add to this an elegant and quality finish, the image of the product is more than guaranteed.

How Juul works

The operation of Juul has not been very different from other models that we find in the market. Inside the product there is an electrical resistance and a battery, which are responsible for generating the heating of the tobacco or the content that we have introduced inside the device. As with any other conventional vaper or cigarette.

However, where one of the biggest differences lies is in the part of the load, which breaks with the conventional. In this case, we are not talking about liquids that we must pour into a tank after having completely disassembled half a device, but the vapeador works by means of cartridges ready to be introduced into the Juul. A procedure that makes everything much easier when smoking.

Once the cartridge is activated correctly, we can start smoking, using the button with the device. At the moment, inflammation of the product occurs and both smoke and nicotine are inhaled, in case we have chosen a cartridge with this component included. A process that, according to those who know about this, generates pleasant sensations in the mouth, most similar to those of smoking a traditional cigarette.

What the cartridge hides

One of Juul’s current problems is the flavors we find for sale. Specifically, there are only six cartridges that are currently on the market, with flavors such as golden tobacco, glacial mint, vanilla-flavored royal cream or mango. Flavors quite achieved and with an adequate intensity and fidelity as far as these different flavors are concerned.

However, there are a couple of problems that these cartridges have. The first one is that all products contain nicotine. There is no product that does not have this ingredient in its formulation. Therefore, those who want to avoid the risks of nicotine will not have a good help in Juul, since each of these capsules has a concentration of 1.7%. As a reference, one capsule of this product has 59 milligrams of nicotine, while a normal packet of tobacco does not usually exceed 40 milligrams. Translated into cigarettes, compared to the 1 or 2 milligrams of nicotine of a conventional cigarette, a “smoked” with Juul would have been around 3 milligrams, although everything depends on the way it is smoked.

Something that is reinforced with a second problem, such as the way in which the product is formulated. Unlike conventional liquids and other nicotine products, in the case of Juul, said nicotine is not present by the conventional formulation, but it has to do with an “invention” called nicotine salts. These salts cause a greater assimilation of nicotine in the body, which is an additional problem at the time of smoking, since each draft of Juul has a greater effect on the body. Therefore, they are aspects that we must take into account when buying the product.

Availability and price

If you still don’t have the decision, don’t worry, since you still have time to think about it. Among other things, because Juul’s availability in the Spanish market is still limited. Officially it is not for sale, but it is true that some external stores send the product to Spain. However, the risk of being sold a counterfeit is considerable.

Regarding the price, Juul sellers encrypt the product at around 40 euros, just for the device. As for the cartridges, in the United Kingdom a pack of 4 cartridges is sold for about 10 pounds plus taxes and expenses, so that each of these capsules would come out for about 3 euros. Anyway, all are estimates that will not be confirmed until Juul reaches the Spanish market.

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